About Yamaha Montage Owner Manual

This owner manual can be used on Music Synthesizer Montage 6, Montage 7, Montage 8. Provides overall explanations of the basic functions of the instrument. Please use this Owner’s Manual for an overview of the fundamental operations of the MONTAGE. If you need more detailed information or instructions on specific functions, use the Reference Manual described below.

Reference Manual

Explains in detail about the internal structure and connection examples. Use this manual if you need more detailed information which is not covered in the Owner’s Manual. If you need more information on the current status or display of the MONTAGE, use the Function Tree provided in this manual. This convenient Function Tree helps you quickly find the page covering the relevant function or operation.

Synthesizer Parameter Manual

This general, cross-product document explains parameters, effect types, effect parameters, and MIDI messages that are used for all synthesizers. Read the Owner’s Manual and Reference Manual first and then use this parameter manual if necessary to learn more about parameters and terms that relate to Yamaha synthesizers in general.

Data List

This contains various important lists such as the Performance List, Waveform List, Effect Type List, Arpeggio Type List, and MIDI Implementation Chart.