About 2020 Yamaha YZF R1 Owner Manual

This manual is intended for persons with knowledge and experience of motorcycles. Please refer to the YZF-R1 service manual, which shall be published from YAMAHA MOTOR CO. LTD., for information on part assembly and maintenance.

The design of the YZF-R1 racing kit is based on YZF-R1, according to FIM racing rules, but that does not mean the kit conforms to all competitions. When used in races, riders must mount the YZF-R1 racing kit at their own discretion after checking the rules of competition issued by the sponsor

About Racing Kit

These kit parts are intended exclusively for racing purposes. You are strictly requested not to use them on public roads.

The specifications and usage methods of these kit parts along with the contents of this manual are subject to change without notice for improvement.

Table of Contet Yamaha YZF R1 Owner Manual

  1. Engine Specifications\
  2. Kit Parts
    1. Installing Electrical Parts
      1. ECU Set (B3L-8591A-70)
      2. Cable Interface (2CR-8533A-70)
      3. Wire Harness Set (B3L-F2590-70)
      4. Wire, Sub-Lead (2KS-82509-70)
      5. Headlight Harness Set (BX4-F4350-71)
      6. Repair set
      7. CCU COMP. (2KS-85800-72)
    2. Installing Engine Parts
      1. Maintenance Set (2CR-MAINT-72)S
      2. Spark Plug Set (14B-R465B-70)
      3. Piston Set (2CR-116A0-71)
      4. Connecting Rod Set (2CR-1165B-70)
      5. Crankshaft (B3L-11400-70)
      6. High-lift Camshafts
      7. Cam Sprocket (B3L-12176-70)
      8. Air Funnel Set (B3L-1440B-70)
      9. AIS-plug Set (2CR-A4890-70)
      10. Transmission Gear
      11. Mission Maintenance Set (2CR-A7000-70) 
      12. Drive Sprockets.
      13. Sprocket Nut Set (2CR-A7463-70)
      14. Strainer Cover Set (2CR-13400-71)
    3. Installing Chassis Parts
      1. Spring Rear Shock
      2. Spring Front Fork
      3. Seat Cushion (13S-24713-70)
      4. Front Spare Wheel ASS’Y (2CR-25100-70)
      5. Rear Spare Wheel ASS’Y (B3L-25300-70)
      6. Rear Sprocket
      7. Tube Guide (B3L-26243-70)
  3. Tightening Torque List
    1. Tightening the Cylinder Head
    2. Installing the Crankcase
    3. Procedure to tighten the aluminum bolts
    4. When replacing aluminum bolts with iron bolts
    5. Procedure to install the engine
    6. Procedure to install the pivot shaft peripheral parts
  4. Headlight Cord Wiring Diagram
  5. 5 YZF-R1 Wiring Diagram 

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