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Download or view Canon Pixma TS3300 Series User Manual, user guide, setup manual, owner manual operation guide in PDF document file. for Canon TS3310 TS3320 TS3322 TS3325 TS3327 TS3329 TS3330 TS3340 TS3350 TS3351 TS3352 TS3355 TS3360 TS3365 TS3370 TS3370S TS3380 TS3390 TS3391 TS3392

This manuals describes about basic operation, setup printer network, handling paper, originals, cartridges, how to changing settings, printer specifications, maintenance and how to fix the printer problems.

Canon Pixma TS3300 User Manual PDF Table of Content

  1. Using Online Manual
  2. Basic Operation
    • Printing photos from a computer
    • Printing photos from a smartphone/tablet
    • Copying
  3. Network
    • Restrictions
    • Default network settings
    • Detect same printer name
    • Connects to another computer via LAN/Changes from USB to LAN connection
    • Printing network settings
    • Reconfiguration method of Wi-Fi Connection
    • IJ Network Device setup utility (Windows)
      • IJ Network device setup utility
      • Starting Up IJ Network Device setup utility
      • Diagnosing and repairing network settigs
      • performing/changing network settings
      • List of models which does not support diagnosis and repair function
      • List of models which does not support IPv6 configuration via USB connection
  4. Handling paper, Originals, Fine Cartridges, etc
    • Loading paper
    • Loading originals
    • Replacing a FINE Cartridge
    • If printing is Faint or Uneven
      • Maintenance procedure
      • Printing the nozzle check pattern
      • Examining the nozzle check pattern
      • cleaning the print head
      • deep print head cleaning
      • aligning the print head
    • Cleaning
      • Cleaning paper feed rollers
      • Cleaning inside the printer (bottom plate cleaning)
  5. Overview
    • Safety
    • Handling precautions
    • Main components and functions
    • Changing settings
    • Printer specifiations
  6. Information about Paper
    • Supported media types
    • Unsupported media types
    • Handling paper
  7. Printing
    • Printing from computer
    • Printing from smartphone/tablet
    • Paper settings
  8. Copying
    • Making copies on plain paper
    • Copying on photo paper
  9. Scanning
    • Scanning from computer (Windows)
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Network settings and common problems
    • Network communication problems
      • Cannot find printer on network
      • Cannot proceed beyond printer connection screen
      • Cannot find printer while using Wi-Fi
    • Netwok connection problems
      • Printer suddenly stopped working for some reason
      • network key (password) unknown
      • Printer cannot be used after replacing wireless router or changed router settings
    • Other Network problems
    • Problem while printing/scanning from smartphone/tablet
    • Printing problems
      • Printer does not print
      • Ink does not come out
      • Printer does not pick up or feed the paper/"no paper" error
      • Printout results are unsatisfactory
        • Printouts are blank/blurry or fuzzy/inaccurate or bleeding colors/streaks or lines
        • Colors are unclear
        • Lines are misaligned/distorted
        • paper is smudged / printed surface is scratched
    • Scanning problems
    • Mechanincal problems
      • Printer does not turn on
      • Printer turns off unexpectedly or repeatedly
      • USB connection problems
      • Cannot communicate with printer via USB
    • Installation and Download problems
    • Errors and messages
  11. List of Support Code for Error
Canon Pixma TS3300 User Manual PDF

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