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About Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 User Guide

This guide applies to Lenovo product models: Flex 5 14IIL05, Flex 5 14ARE05, Flex 5 15IIL05. may contain information about accessories, features, and software that are not available on all models. This guide contains instructions that are based on the Windows 10 operating system. These instructions are not applicable if you install and use other operating systems. Microsoft® makes periodic feature changes to the Windows® operating system through Windows Update. As a result, the operating system related instructions may become outdated. Refer to Microsoft resources for the latest information. The content of the guide is subject to change without notice.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 User Guide Table of Content

  • About this guide
  • Chapter 1 Meet your computer
    • Front
    • Base
    • Left
    • Right
    • Features and specifications
      • Statement on USB transfer rate
      • Operating environment
  • Chapter 2 Get started with your computer
    • Get started with Windows 10
      • Windows account
      • Windows desktop
    • Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo PC Manager
    • Connect to networks
      • Connect to wired networks
      • Connect to Wi-Fi networks
    • Connect to an external display device
      • Connect to a wired display device
      • Connect to a wireless display device
    • The Novo Button menu
      • Open the Novo Button menu
    • Yoga modes
      • Turn on screen rotation lock
      • Use Windows touch keyboard
      • Turn on or off tablet mode
    • Interact with your computer
      • Keyboard hotkeys
      • Numeric keypad
      • Use the multi-touch screen
  • Chapter 3 Explore your computer
    • Manage power
      • Check the battery status
      • Charge the battery
      • Check the battery temperature
      • Set power button behavior
      • Change or create a power plan
    • Change settings in UEFI/BIOS setup utility
      • What is UEFI/BIOS setup utility
      • Open the UEFI/BIOS setup utility
      • Change the startup sequence
      • Change hotkey mode
      • Enable or disable always-on
    • Set passwords in UEFI/BIOS setup utility
      • Password types
      • Set administrator password
      • Change or remove administrator password
      • Set user password
      • Enable power-on password
      • Set hard disk password
      • Change or remove hard disk password
    • Reset or restore Windows
      • Windows 10 recovery options
      • Windows System Restore
      • Reset Windows
      • Create a recovery drive
      • Use a recovery drive to restore or reset Windows
  • Chapter 4 Help and support
    • What is a CRU?
      • CRUs for your product model
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Self-help resources
    • Call Lenovo
      • Before you contact Lenovo
      • Lenovo Customer Support Center
    • Purchase additional services
  • Appendix A Important safety information
  • Appendix B Accessibility and ergonomic information
  • Appendix C Compliance information
  • Appendix D Notices and trademarks

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