Asus VivoBook F512 User Manual PDF - 102 Pages

Asus VivoBook F512 User Manual PDF download

About Asus VivoBook F512 User Manual PDF - 102 Pages

This manual provides information about the software and hardware features of Asus VivoBook F512.

Asus VivoBook F512 User Manual PDF - 102 Pages Table of Content

  1. Hardware setup
    This section describes about detailed information of the hardware component
    • Getting to know the notebook PC
    • Top view
    • Bottom view
    • Right side
    • Left side
  2. Using the laptop
    This chapter explains about how to use the parts of the Notebook PC
    • Getting started
      • How to charge the laptop
      • Lift to open the display panel
      • Press the power button
    • Using touchpad
    • Using the keyboard
      • HotKeys
      • Function keys
      • Using the numeric keypad
  3. Working with Windows 10
    This section provides an overview of using Windows 10 in the Laptop
    • Starting for the first time
    • Start menu
    • Windows Apps
    • Task view
    • Snap features
    • Action center
    • Other keyboard shortcuts
    • Connectiong to wireless networks
      • Wi-Fi
      • Bluetooth
      • Airplane mode
    • Turn off the laptop
    • Putting the laptop to sleep
  4. Power-on self-test
    This chapter shows you how to use POST to change the settings of the Notebook PC
    • The Power-On Self-Test (POST)
    • Using BIOS
      • Accessing BIOS
      • BIOS settings
    • Recovering the system
  5. Tips and FAQs
    This section presents some recommended tips, ,hardware FAQs, and software FAQs you can refer to for maintaining and fixing common issues with the laptop
  6. Appendices
    This section includes notices and safety statements for your Notebook PC

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