About HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer User Manual

This guide explain to you about the printer parts, how to print, scan and fax, how to setup the printer, troubleshooting and maintenance. You can view or download the HP Officejet 5255 printer manual in PDF document file for free without registration. 

Table of content

Table of content of HP 5255 user guide:

  1. How do I?
  2. Get started
    • Accessibility
    • HP EcoSolutions
    • Printer parts
    • Control panel and status lights
      • Overview of button and lights
      • Control panel display icons
      • Change printer settings
    • Paper basics
      • Recommended papers for printing
      • Order HP paper supplies
      • Tips for selecting and using paper
    • Load media
    • Load original
    • Update the printer
    • Open the HP printer software (Windows
    • Use the HP Smart app to print, scan, and troubleshoot from an iOS
    • Turn the printer off
  3. Print
    • Print using the HP Smart app
    • Print documents using HP printer software
    • Print photos using HP printer software
    • Print on envelopes
    • Print on both sides (duplexing)
    • Print from apps on mobile devices
      • Print from apps on mobile devices
      • Access printer features and troubleshooting
    • Print using the maximum dpi
    • Tips for succesful printing
  4. Copy and scan
    • Copy
    • Scan
      • Scan using the HP Smart app
      • Scan using HP priner software
        • Scan to a computer
        • Scan to email
        • Create a new scan shortcut (Windows)
        • Change scan settings (WIndows)
      • Scan from the printer control panel
      • Scan using webscan
    • Tips for copy and scan success
  5. Fax
    • Send a fax
      • Sen a standard fax
      • Send a standard fax from the computer
      • Send a fax from a phone
      • Send a fax uwing monitor dialing
      • Send a fax using printer memory
      • Send a fax to multiple recipients
      • Send a fax in error correction mode
    • Receive a fax
      • Receive a fax manually
      • Setup backup fax
      • Reprint received faxes from memory
      • Forward faxes to another number
      • Set automatic reduction for incoming faxes
      • Block unwanted fax numbers
      • Receive fax using HP digital fax
    • Set up phone book contacts
      • Create and edit a phone book contact
      • Create and edit a group phone book contact
      • Delete phone book contacts
    • Change fax settings
      • Configure the fax header
      • Set the answer mode (Auto Answer)
      • Set the numer of rings before answering
      • Change the answer ring pattern for distictive ring
      • Set the dial type
      • Set the redial options
      • Set the fax speed
      • Set the fax sound volume
    • Fax and digital phone services
    • Fax on voice over internet protocol
    • Use reports
      • Print fax confirmation reports
      • Print fax error reports
      • Print and view the fax log
      • Clear the fax log
      • Print the details of the last fax transaction
      • Print a Caller ID Report
      • View the call history
    • Additional fax setup
      • Setup faxing parallel phone systems
        • Select the correct fax setup for your home or office
      • Test fax setup
  6. Web services
    • What are web services?
    • Setup Web services
    • Print with HP ePrint
    • Remove Web Services
  7. Work with cartridges
    • Information on cartridges and the printhead
    • Check the estimated ink levels
    • Replace the cartridges
    • Order cartridges
    • Use single-cartridge mode
    • Store printing supplies
    • Cartridge warranty information
  8. Network setup
    • Set up the printer for wireless communication
    • Change network settings
    • Use Wi-Fi direct
  9. Printer management tools
  10. Solve a problem
    • Jams and paper-feed issues
    • Ink cartridge issues
    • Printing issues
    • Copy issues
    • Scan issues
    • Fax issues
      • Troubleshoot fax problems
    • Network and connection issues
    • Printer hardware issues
    • Get help from the printer control panel
    • Get help from the HP smart app
    • Understand printer reports
      • Printer status report
      • Network configuration page
      • Print quality report
      • Wireless test report
      • Web access test report
    • Solve problems using web services
    • Maintain the printer
      • Clean the scanner glasses
      • Clean the exterior
      • Clean the document feeder
    • Reset original factory defaults and settings
    • HP SUpport
  11. Technical information
    • Printer specifications
  12. Index

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