HP Deskjet 2752e All in One Printer User Manual Overview

Find all information about HP Deskjet 2752e All in One printer in this printable PDF manual, including troubleshooting guide, printer parts, wireless connecting guide, print, scan and copy.

HP Deskjet 2752e All in One Printer Review

The HP DeskJet 2752e is suitable for simple home printing and has all of the necessary functions, including the ability to print, copy, and scan from any device. It also has HP+, a smart printing technology that keeps you more safe, productive, and sustainable than ever before.

HP+ Smart Printing System:HP+ upgrades your printer with additional capabilities that allow you to print from any device or app. For the life of the printer, it requires an HP account, an internet connection, and the usage of only original HP ink.

Best for basic home printing: Basic colored papers, such as recipes, paperwork, and travel documents, can be printed. Printing rates of up to 7.5 pages per minute in black and 5.5 pages per minute in color are possible. Key capabilities include color printing, copying, and scanning, as well as mobile and wireless printing. Intelligent Dual-band Wi-Fi detects and fixes connection difficulties instantly, including self-healing to help eliminate disruptions. There is also a USB connector and a Bluetooth connection.

Using the HP Smart app, the setup is straightforward and walks you through each step. Everyday documents may be printed, scanned, and copied from your phone—from anywhere. With HP+, you receive enhanced features in the Smart app, such as mobile faxing and improved scanning capabilities, including multi-item identification.

HP Deskjet 2752e User Guide Table of Content

  1. Printer parts
    • Printer overview
    • Control panel features
    • Control panel lights and display icons
    • Print reports from control panel
  2. Load media and paper basics
    • Load media
    • Load original
    • Change the default paper size detected by printer
    • Paper basics
  3. Connect your printer
    • Requirements for HP+ printers
      • Keep the printer connected to the internet
      • Use Original HP cartridges
      • Have an HP account
    • Connect using the HP Smart app
    • Connect to a wireless network with a router
    • Connect wirelessly without a router
    • Wireless settings
    • Tips for setting up and using a wireless printer
    • Connect your printer to your computer
    • Change the connection type
  4. Printer management tools
    • Use the HP Smart app to print, copy, scan and troubleshoot
    • Open the HP printer software (Windows)
    • Embedded web server (EWS)
    • Sleep mode
    • Quiet Mode
    • Auto-Off
    • Update the printer
  5. Print
    • Print using the HP Smart app
    • Print using a computer
      • print documents
      • print photos
      • Print envelopes
      • Print using the maximum dpi
      • Print using a Mac desktop or laptop
    • Print from mobile devices
    • Tips for print success
  6. Copy and scan
    • Copy and scan using HP smart app
    • Copy from the printer
    • Scan using HP printer software
      • Scan to a computer
      • Scan to email
      • Scan to PDF
      • Change scan settings
    • Scan using webscan
    • Tips for copy and scan success
  7. Manage cartridges
    • Information on cartridges and the printhead
    • Check estimated ink levels
    • Order HP Deskjet 2755e ink supplies
    • Replace cartridges
    • Use single cartride mode
    • Cartridge warranty information
    • Tips for working with cartrdiges
  8. Web services
    • What are Web Services?
    • Set up web services
    • Remove web services
  9. Solve a problem
    • Get help from the HP Smart app
    • Guide to troubleshoot with this guide
      • Jams and paper-feed issues
        • Clear a paper jam
        • Learn how to avoid paper jams
      • Cartridge issues
        • Identify whether a cartridge has a problem
        • Fix cartridge problems
      • Printing issues
        • Fix problems with HP+ printers not printing
        • Fix problems with page not printing (unable to print)
        • Fix print quality issues
      • Network and connection issues
        • Fix wireless connection
        • Fix Wi-Fi direct connection
      • Printer hardware issues
      • Control panel error codes and status
        • Control panel error code
        • Control panel ink error status
        • Control panel paper error status
    • HP Support
  10. HP EcoSolutions (HP and the Environment)
  11. Technical Information
    • HP Company notices
    • HP Deskjet 2752e Printer specifications
    • Regulatory notice
    • Environmental stewardship program
  12. Index

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