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About HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w Manual

Learn about HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w printer in this manual and get explanation about printer parts and control panel features. Also how to use the printer including scan, copy, and print and how to setup and configure Wi-Fi and USB connection.

You will find the guidance about maintenance, including reloading the toner and replace imaging drum. And troubleshooting the printer problem, including paper-feeds error, paper jams, print quality problem, scan quality problems, and Wireless connectivity problems.

In this document, you will find HP MFP 1202w Technical specifications too. This manual is part of HP Printer Manuals and you can download other printer manual too.

About The HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w

The HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w is a laser printer that does not require toner cartridges. Instead, it uses a toner container that drains into a tank within the printer, similar to how the inktanks of inkjet printers are refilled.

The printer can print far more documents than toner cartridges. Since the tank carries much more toner than toner cartridges, and it has one of the greatest page yields of any printer we’ve seen.

The container price is far lower than the price of toner cartridges, allowing you to save even more money. But unfortunately, its printing speed via Wi-Fi is slow, especially because it must pause to cool down during longer prints. And it can not print double-sided, so you must manually flip the paper over.

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w User Manual Table of Content

  1. Get started
    • Printer parts
    • Control panel features
    • Control panel display features
    • How to use the HP Smart app to print, copy and scan
  2. Connect your printer
    • How to connect to a wireless network using a router
    • Then wireless settings
    • Also connect to a wired (ethernet) network
  3. Configure your printer
    • Let configure the printer using the HP embedded web server and HP device toolbox
    • Let update the firmware too
    • Then change the printer connection type also
  4. Load media
  5. Print
    • First, printing on a Windows computer
    • Second, printing on a Mac computer
    • Then, print with mobile devices
  6. Scan
  7. Copy
  8. Manage toner, media, and parts
    • Check the toner level
    • How to reload the toner
    • Replacing the imaging drum guideline
    • Order supplies, media and parts
  9. Solve problems
    • HP Support and assistance
    • Interpret control-panel light patterns
    • Restore the factory setting defaults
    • Printer does not pick up paper
    • The printer picks up multiple sheets of paper
    • Clear paper jams
    • Improve print quality
    • Resolving print quality problems
    • Improve copy and scan image quality
    • Solve wireless network problems
    • Solve ethernet connection problems
  10. Printer specifications
  11. Service and support
  12. Environmental product stewardship program
  13. Regulatory information
  14. Index

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