Hoover FH13010 Portable Carpet Cleaner | About user manual

This manual explains about product parts, how to use the carpet cleaner, how to maintenance, troubleshooting, tool accessories and service & warranty. Please read this manual carefully before using the Hoover FH13010 carpet cleaner. You can save this document to your device to get backup in case your original user manual is lost.

Hoover FH13010 User Manual
Brand Hoover
Model FH13010
Categories Carpet cleaner
File sizes 1.2 MB
Number of pages 2 pages
Language English, French
File type PDF

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Getting started

  1. Remove Solution Tank from the side of the unit, then remove the cap.
  2. Add HOOVER® cleaning solution to the Solution fill line
  3. Replace and tighten cap. Slide the Tank back into the unit to secure the tank
  4. Unwrap hose from unit. Select preferred tool and make sure it is attached securely. NOTE: Read the directions on the HOOVER® Carpet Cleaning fluid prior to use.

Before You Begin Cleaning

Use your Hoover upholstery and spot cleaner only if upholstery fabric is marked with a “W” (for “wet” clean) or “S/W” (for “solvent/dry” or “wet” clean). Don’t clean fabric marked “S” (“solvent/ dry” clean only). Test for colorfastness in a small, hidden area. Gently rub surface with a dampened white cloth. Wait ten minutes and check for color removal or bleed with a white paper towel. NOTE: To prevent staining, use plastic or aluminum foil to protect wood or metal surfaces from possible water spray. NOTE: To avoid damage to wood floors underneath area rugs or carpet, place waterproof material (e.g. plastic) underneath them before cleaning.


CAUTION: Do not clean over floor electrical outlets. Water will drip from the tool after use and may puddle. To avoid damage to wood and laminate flooring and to avoid potential slip hazard, after use (a) do not leave the product on wood and laminate surfaces and move to a hard surface and (b) place unit on an absorbent material (such as a towel) to soak up drips.

  1. Plug power cord into electrical outlet. Press Red Button on top of unit to turn ON.
  2. Spray a generous amount of cleaning solution over the soiled area by pressing the trigger behind the tool and scrub the stain in a back and forth motion.
  3. To lift the stain, suction up the dirt and cleaning solution by applying downward pressure on the front of the cleaning tool and pulling towards you. Repeat as needed. IMPORTANT: Empty Dirty Water Tank when you hear an audible change. Ensure the tank is secured before cleaning.

STORAGE: Wrap cord around the cord hooks for convenient storage. Attach the plug end to the cord. For fast cord release, simply turn upper cord wrap downward.


WARNING:To reduce the risk of personal injury - Unplug before cleaning or servicing.


  1. Press TANK RELEASE button then lift lid off for emptying and rinsing. Clean water will help remove dirt & debris from the tank. Let air dry before reinstalling
  2. Rinse hand tool under faucet. Remove nozzle cover by pressing release button on top.
  3. Remove Insert and rinse under faucet.
  4. Access the hose for cleaning by removing the three screws on the bottom of the carpet cleaner. Once removed, slide the piece away and rinse.


A thermal protector has been designed into your cleaner to protect it from overheating. When the thermal protector activates the cleaner will stop running. If this happens proceed as follows:

  1. 1. Turn cleaner OFF and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  2. 2. Empty dirty water tank.
  3. 3. Inspect for any obstructions. Clear obstructions if present.
  4. 4. When cleaner is unplugged and motor cools for 30 minutes, the thermal protector will deactivate and cleaning may continue.

If the thermal protector continues to activate after following the above steps, your cleaner needs servicing.