About Hoover FH52000 SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner User Manual

This manual or user guide describes to you about:

  1. important safety instructions,
  2. product part information,
  3. tools and accessories,
  4. before you begin cleaning,
  5. getting started,
  6. using the carpet cleaner,
  7. assembly,
  8. how to fill the clean water tank,
  9. fill the solution tank,
  10. maintenance,
  11. how to empty,
  12. how to remove and clean the nozzle,
  13. how to change and clean the brushes
  14. how to attach and remove hose
  15. how to attach tools
  16. Cleaning Carpeted Stairs and Upholstery
  17. Troubleshooting
  18. Service and warranty
Hoover FH52000 User Manual
Brand Hoover
Model FH52000
Categories Carpet cleaner
File sizes 11 MB
Number of pages 72 pages
Language English, French, Spanish
File type PDF

Getting Started With Hoover FH52000 Carpet Cleaner


  1. Insert the handle into the base until you hear a “click”.
  2. Wrap the power cord around the cord hooks for convenient storage.

Fill the Clean Water Tank

  1. Lift up to remove the Clean Water Tank.
  2. Remove the cap and add warm water to the top of tank. Replace cap.
  3. Align Clean Water Tank with the body of the unit and press FIRMLY into place.

Fill the Solution Tank

  1. Remove the Solution Tank from the back of the unit.
  2. Remove the cap and fill with Hoover® Cleaning Solution to the top of the tank. Replace cap.
  3. Place the Solution Tank back into the unit and press FIRMLY into place.

How to use Hoover FH52000 SmartWash™ Carpet Cleaner

  1. Unwrap the power cord and plug unit in an electrical outlet.
  2. Step on the Handle Release Pedal to recline the unit for cleaning position
  3. Step on the Power Pedal to turn ON.
  4. Slowly move forward. The unit will automatically dispense the optimal amount of water and cleaning solution.
  5. Slowly pull backward. The unit will automatically dry your carpets by extracting the water.
  6. When your cleaning is complete and you want to reduce the dry time, press the Dry Only button. The Dry Only mode will extract remaining water from your carpet. Continue in this mode until little water is visibly passing through the nozzle.
  7. For best results, Hoover recommends rinsing the carpet with clean water only. This will remove residual carpet cleaning solution from your carpets. To Rinse with clean water only, remove the Solution Tank and then repeat steps 4 through 6.


How to Empty

  1. Turn the cleaner off and unplug from electrical outlet.

  2. Grab the Dirty Water Tank handle and pull up to release. Remove Tank from carpet cleaner base at an angle.
  3. Place on a flat surface and unlatch Dirty Water Tank lid to remove top of tank.
  4. Empty tank, rinse, wipe filter clean and allow to air dry

How to Remove and Clean Nozzle

  1. To prevent possible leaking, remove and empty Clean Water Tank, Dirty Water Tank and Solution Tank.
  2. With handle in upright position, lift up on the Nozzle release then pull Nozzle forward to remove from carpet cleaner. BE CAREFUL not to instantly pull nozzle straight up
  3. Rinse debris from Nozzle
  4. Position Nozzle onto foot, making sure to align the tabs at the top of the Nozzle with the notches inside the foot.
  5. Slide Nozzle forward to snap into position.

How to Change and Clean Brushes

  1. To prevent possible leaking, remove Clean Water Tank, Dirty Water Tank and Solution Tank.
  2. With handle in upright position, follow “Nozzle: How to Remove and Clean” instructions.
  3. Grab Side A and pull up to remove. Repeat on the other brush.
  4. The brushes can be cleaned under running water

Before storing: Empty Clean Water Tank and let air dry. Replace on cleaner. Empty Dirty Water Tank, rinse tank and lid thoroughly with clean water and let air dry. Empty Solution Tank, rinse tank with clean water. Allow brushes and underside of carpet cleaner to air dry thoroughly before storing carpet cleaner on a carpeted or wood surface

The motor is equipped with bearings that contain sufficient lubrication for the life of the motor. The addition of lubricant could cause damage. Therefore, do not add lubricant to motor bearings or brushrolls.