Honeywell RTH230B Thermostat User Manual and Installation Guide PDF

About Honeywell RTH230B Thermostat User Manual and Installation Guide PDF

View online or download user manual and installation guide pdf for Honeywell RTH230B Programmable electronic thermostat.

This manual describes about thermostat function and features, and step by step how to install Honeywell RTH230B thermostat. The guide contain about old thermostat removal guide, baseplate installation, wire connetion for heating or cooling and battery installation.

This manual also guide you how to use the thermostat like system and fan operating mode, displaying and setting temperature, thermostat control mode, battery and filter replacement indicator, menu configuration, programming the thermostat and device specifications.

Product description 

  1. HONEYWELL DIGITAL THERMOSTAT 5/2 Programmable Digital Heat/Cool Thermostat with 4 Periods per Day
  2. For use with Central Gas, Oil, or Electric Furnaces & Conditioning Systems for single phase Heating & Cooling or Mini Volt systems
  3. Display is large and easy to read
  4. In the case of a power loss, program memory Temperature control accuracy of 1 degree F for constant comfort
  5. Filter change warnings are provided.
  6. 2 AA batteries are required.
  7. Filter Change Indicator Temp Control +/- 1°ree. Fahrenheit
  8. Easy Access Battery Compartment

Honeywell RTH230B Thermostat User Manual and Installation Guide PDF Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Installation
    • Removing the old thermostat
    • Installing the new baseplate
    • Connecting the thermostat
      • 2-wire heating
      • 2-wire cooling
      • 3-wire heating
      • 3 wire cooling
      • 4-wire heating and cooling
      • 5-wire heating and cooling
    • Setting J2 Jumper
    • Installing the batteries
    • Completing the installations
  4. Basic functions
    • System operating mode
    • Fan operating mode
    • Displaying the temperature
    • Setting the temperature
    • Thermostat control mode
      • Manual/permanent hold mode
      • Programmable mode
      • Temporary bypass
    • Filter replacement indicator
    • Battery replacement indicator
  5. Configuration menu
  6. Programming
    • Setting the time and day
    • Energy saving schedule
    • Modifying the schedule
  7. Technical Specifications
  8. Warranty
  9. Customer assistance

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