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About Honeywell CT87N Manual - Installation Guide PDF

Honeywell CT87N Installation Guide

This manual will guide you to install Honeywell CT87N round thermostat step by step.

The installation of the subbase and base

  1. The wires need to be pulled through the wire hole. Place the coverplate on the wall, make sure it is level, and then mark the hole positions.
  2. Drill holes in the wall (3/16" for drywall and 7/32" for plaster), then tap in the wall anchors that were given.
  3. After threading the wire through the cover plate and the subbase, position it over the anchors, and then insert the mounting screws before tightening them. Check the level if you need.
  4. Place the labels with the large print on the coverplate so that they correspond with the labels on the subbase.

Honeywell CT87N Baseplate installation

Honeywell CT87N Wiring Guide

  1. Each identified wire should be connected to the terminal with the same letter.
  2. In order to insert bare wire into slots, loosen screw terminals, then tighten screws using a screwdriver.
  3. Ensure that all excess wire is pushed back into the wall openings.

Do the labels not correlate?

See the table below if the labels do not correlate to the letters on the thermostat.

Existing wires Connect to:
R • RH • 4 • V Terminal “R” [1]
Rc Terminal “Rc” [1]
O Terminal "O" [2]
B Terminal "B" [2]
G • F Terminal “G”
W • W1 • H Terminal “W”
Y • Y1 • M Terminal “Y”
C • X • B Do not use [3]

wiring guide Honeywell CT87N

[1] Take off the metal jumper if the wires are going to be connected to both the R and Rc terminals.

[2] If you have a heat pump, avoid connecting both O and B at the same time. Only the O wire should be connected. Do not use the B wire; instead, wrap it with electrical tape.

[3] Try to avoid using C, X, or B. Electrical tape should be wrapped around the bare end of the wire.

[4] If you have two wires, you should connect them to the R and W terminals.

Honeywell CT87N Operation

Honeywell CT87N Operation Guide

1 - System switch

  • Cool: controls the cooling system.
  • Heat : controls the heating system.
  • Off: All system are off

2 - Fan switch

  • On: Fan runs continuously
  • Auto: Fan runs only when heating or cooling system is on

3 - Marking

Enlarged, raised numbers indicate temperature range by touch or sight. The large 5, 6, 7 and 8 mean 50, 60, 70 and 80°F, respectively

4 - Temperature setting

Rotate to set, a click is heard every two degrees as the temperature is adjusted.

5 - Temperature

Current indoor temperature

Honeywell CT87N Manual - Installation Guide PDF Table of Content

  1. Getting started
  2. Remove your old thermostat
  3. Label wires and remove old wallplate
  4. Mount thermostat base
  5. Subbase and base installation
  6. Wiring guide
  7. Fan operation settings
  8. Cycle rate settings
  9. Thermostat mounting
  10. Operation guide
  11. Warranty

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