Honeywell 360 Surround Heater HHF360V/HHF370 Series Manual

About Honeywell 360 Surround Heater HHF360V/HHF370 Series Manual

Before using the Honeywell HHF360V/HHF370V heater, please read and save the operating and safety instructions. This manual informs you about safety instructions, setting up the heater, how to operate the heater, remote control operation, troubleshooting guide, and heater specifications.

Honeywell HHF360V/HHF370V Heater Overview

At a low price, the Honeywell 360° Surround Heater offers energy savings, outstanding safety features, and the flexibility to customize your comfort. This 360° portable heater, designed to deliver all-around warmth, is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and provides outstanding all-around room heating. A 360 ° SafetyTip, which turns off the heater if it is tilted in any direction, overheat prevention, and a solid base are among the safety features. With two separate heat setting options and a programmable thermostat, you have total control over the heating process.

The Safety Matters program is always developing to guarantee that Honeywell heaters are designed with cutting-edge, time-tested safety features. The Honeywell 360 Surround Heater includes a number of these safety features. When your heater is flipped over on its side, back, or front, it will immediately shut off. The surround heater also has overheat safety, which will cut off the device instantly if it reaches a hazardous internal temperature. The inclusion of cool home accents allows you to safely access or transfer your portable heater into another area. The combination of these Safety Matters features provides peace of mind when using your Honeywell heater.

Honeywell 360 Surround Heater HHF360V/HHF370 Series Manual Table of Content

  1. Important Safety Instructions
  2. Set-up
  3. Moving the heater
  4. Operation
  5. Safety features
  6. Cleaning the heater
  7. Storage instructions
  8. Troubleshooting guide
  9. HHF360V/HHF370V Heater specifications
  10. Customer relations
  11. Warranty

HHF360V/HHF370v Troubleshooting Guide

If your 360° Surround Heat® Heater suddenly shuts down or stops working, one of your heater's safety functions may have been triggered to avoid overheating.

  • Check that it is plugged in and that the electrical outlet is functional.
  • Verify the Thermostat Control configuration. It's possible that the device is simply turned off since you've hit your target heat setting.
  • Look for any obstacles. If you come across an obstacle, switch off the heater (o) and disconnect it. Allow the heater to cool a bit before removing the obstacle. Wait at least 10 minutes before re-plugging in the heater and trying to follow the operation procedures.

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The Honeywell HHF360 Series manual is available online for viewing and downloading. Download the HHF360 Series heaters user manual in PDF format. also suitable for: hhf370 series

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