Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Manuals PDF

About Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Manuals PDF

This owners manuals can be used in Honeywell Fan type :

  • HT-800 HT-800 Series
  • HT-900 Series, HT-900C Series,
  • HFT-114B Series,
  • HFT-311B Series,
  • HFT-314 Series,
  • and HT-9004C
  • HFT-3108B/HFT-3108BC
    Combo Package of HFT-311B/HFT-311BC and HT-800/HT-809 Fans
  • HFT-3112B
    Twin Package of 2 HFT-311B Series Fans
  • HFT-3114B/HFT-3114BC
    Combo Package of HFT-311B/HFT-311BC and HFT-114B/HFT-114BC Fans
  • HFT-8108B
    Combo Package of HT-800/HT-809 and HF-810/HF-819 Fans
  • HT-8002/HT-8002C
    Twin Package of 2 HT-800/HT-809 Fan

Read and save these safety instructions before using this fan, when using electrical appliance, to limit the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal harm, crucial procedures should always be implemented, such as the following:

  1. Only use this fan as instructed in this instructions. Other uses are not advised since they may result in a fire, electric shock, or injury to people.
  2. This product is only designed for use in the home and should not be used for commercial, industrial, or outdoor use.
  3. To avoid electric shock, do not position the fan in a window, immerse the unit, connection, or cable in water, or spray with liquids.
  4. The plug on this appliance is polarized (one blade is wider than the other). This plug is designed to fit just one way in a polarized outlet to limit the risk of shock. If the plug does not fit completely in the outlet, reverse it. If it still does not fit, seek the assistance of an experienced electrician. DO NOT TRY TO OVERCOME THIS SAFETY FEATURE.
  5. When any appliance is used by or near kids, close monitoring is required.
  6. When not in use, turn the fan off and disconnect it from the outlet, as well as when transferring the fan from one place to another and during cleaning.
  7. To unplug the fan, first switch the control to the OFF mode, then grasp the plug and pull it away from the electrical socket. Never, ever pull on the cord.
  8. In the face of explosive and/or flammable gases, do not activate the fan.
  9. Do not set the fan or any of its parts near an open flame, a cooking or heating equipment, or any other source of heat.
  10. Do not use the fan if the cable or plug is broken, or if the product malfunctions, is dropped, or is otherwise damaged (see warranty).
  11. Avoid coming into touch with moving fan components.
  12. The use of non-manufacturer-recommended accessories may be dangerous.
  13. Place the fan on a flat, dry surface.
  14. Do not hang or attach a ceiling fan. When wall-mounted, do not use the HFT-114B/HFT-114BC series in oscillation mode. The HF-810/HF-819 series are not wall mountable.
  15. If the fan housing has been removed or is damaged, do not operate.
  16. A poor fit between the Electrical outlet (receptacle) and the plug can lead to overheating and plug distortion. To repair a faulty or damaged outlet, contact a competent electrician.
  17. WARNING: Never Use This Fan With Any Solid-State Speed Control Device To Minimize The Risk Of Fire Or Electric Shock.

Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Manuals PDF Table of Content

  1. Important Safety Instructions
  2. Product Introductions
  3. Operation guidance
  4. Wall mounting (HT-800, HT-900, HFT-114B/HFT-114BC Series and HFT-311B/HFT-311BC Series Only)
  5. Cleaning and storage procedure
  6. Customer relations
  7. Warranty

How to Operating Honeywell Fan

  • Make sure the fan switch position is OFF
  • Take the fan on level and dry surface
  • Connect the power cord to wall outlet, polarized 120 Volt AC
  • To operate, turn the control knob to the speed do you want, Low, medum or high fan speed. the HF-810/HF819 series fans are included with kid-resistance speed control. to operate, push in an turn the kid-resistance switch to the speed that you want.
  • Set the fan to produce the required angular air output direction.
  • To operate or stop the oscillation function (HFT-114B Series and HFT-314 Series), push the OSCILLATE switch on the fan's base.
  • To move the fan, switch it off and pick it up using the hidden grip on the outside rim of the fan.

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