About Honeywell HTF210B Table Mini Tower Fan Manual PDF

Honeywell mini tower table fan HTF210B series owner's manual describes about important safety instructions, operating instructions, how to cleaning and storage, customer relations and warranty. 

Product Description


Important Safety Instructions

Please read and save this safety instructions before using the HTF210B Series Fan. Basic precaustions must be always followed, when using electrical equipment to avoid the case of fire, electric shock, and human injury.

Operating Instruction

  1. to turn on or off the fan, press the power button
  2. Press oscillation button once to activated the oscallation
  3. Press the fan button repeatedly to increase sound level/speed control
  4. Auto-off timer setting will automatically turn your dan off after 2, 4, or 8 hours
    2 hours: Press one time
    4 hours: press two times
    8 hours: press three times
    turn timer off: press four times or press power button

Honeywell HTF210B Table Mini Tower Fan Manual PDF Table of Content

  1. Important Safety Instructions
  2. Operating Instruction
  3. Cleaning and storage
  4. Consumer Relations
  5. 1 Year limited warranty

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Title : Honeywell Quietset Slim Oscillating table fan HTF210 Series Owner's Manual
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