About Garmin Drive 52 & Drive 52 Pro GPS Navigator User Guide

About Garmin Drive 52 & Garmin 52 pro owner's manual: this document describes to you about device overview, getting started the device, how to use the device, configuration, maintenance and how to troubleshooting the device if there is any error.

Garmin Drive 52's straightforward menus and easy-to-read maps allow you to examine turn-by-turn directions at a glance on a brilliant 5" touchscreen display. This GPS navigator enhances any road trip or everyday commute by providing preloaded detailed maps of the United States and Canada, as well as map updates and useful driver alerts to encourage safer driving.

User Guide Table of Content

  1. Getting started
    • Garmin Drive 52 / Garmin Drive 5 Pro device overview
    • Mounting and powering the Garmin Drive device in your vehicle
    • Turning the device on or off
    • Acquiring GPS signals
    • Status bar icons
    • Using the on-screen buttons
    • Adjusting the volume
    • Adjusting the screen brightness
  2. Driver awareness features and alerts
    • Enabling or disabling audible driver alerts
    • Red light and speed cameras
  3. Finding and saving locations
    • Finding a location using the search bar
    • Finding an address
    • Location Search Results
      • Location Search Results on the Map
    • Changing the search area
    • Points of Interest
      • Finding a location by category
      • Finding National Parks
      • Finding HISTORY points of interest
      • Foursquare
      • TripAdvisor
      • Navigating to points of interest within a venue
    • Search tools
      • Finding a junction
      • Finding a location using coordinates
    • Parking
      • Finding Parking Near Your Current Location
      • Finding Parking Near a Specified Location
      • Understanding Parking Colours and Symbols
    • Viewing history
      • Clearing the list of recently found places
    • Viewing current location information
      • Finding emergency services and fuel
    • Getting directions to your current location
    • Adding a shortcut
    • Removing a shortcut
    • Saving Locations
    • Saving your current location
    • Editing a favourite location
    • Assigning categories to a saved location
    • Deleting a favourite location
  4. Navigating to your destination
    • Routes
    • Starting a route
    • Starting a route by using the map
    • Going home
    • Your route on the map
    • Active lane guidance
    • Viewing turns and directions
    • Viewing the Entire Route on the Map
    • Arriving at your destination
    • Parking Near Your Destination
    • Finding your last parking spot
    • Changing Your Active Route
    • Adding a location to your route
    • Skipping the Next Destination in Your Route
    • Shaping your route
    • Taking a Detour
    • Changing the route calculation mode
    • Stopping the route
    • Using Suggested Routes
    • Avoiding Delays, Tolls and Areas
    • Avoiding traffic delays on your route
    • Avoiding toll roads
    • Avoiding toll stickers
    • Avoiding road features
    • Avoiding environmental zones
    • Custom avoidances
    • Navigating off road
  5. Using the Map
    • Map Tools
    • Viewing a map tool
    • Up ahead
    • Viewing upcoming locations
    • Customising the up ahead categories
    • Towns Ahead
    • Viewing Upcoming Towns and Exit Services
    • Trip information
    • Viewing trip data from the map
    • Viewing the trip information page
    • Viewing the trip log
    • Resetting trip information
    • Viewing upcoming traffic
    • Viewing traffic on the map
    • Searching for traffic incidents
    • Customising the map
    • Customising the map layers
    • Changing the map data field
    • Changing the map perspective
  6. Traffic 
    • Receiving traffic data using a traffic receiver
    • Traffic Receiver Subscriptions
    • Receiving Traffic Data Using Smartphone Link
    • Connecting to Smartphone Link
    • Disconnecting from Smartphone Link
    • Enabling traffic
    • Viewing traffic on the map
    • Searching for traffic incidents
  7. Using the apps 
    • Viewing the Owner's Manual on Your Device
    • Trip planner
    • Planning a trip
    • Editing and reordering locations in a trip
    • Discovering Attractions Along Your Trip
    • Changing routing options for a trip
    • Navigating to a favourite trip
    • Editing and saving your active route
    • Viewing Previous Routes and Destinations
  8. Garmin Drive settings
    • Map and vehicle settings
    • Enabling maps
    • Navigation settings
    • Calculation Mode Settings
    • Setting a simulated location
    • Driver Assistance Settings
    • Proximity alerts settings
    • Backup camera settings
    • Display settings
    • Traffic Settings
    • Units and time settings
    • Setting the Time
    • Language and Keyboard Settings
    • Device and privacy settings
    • Resetting Data and Settings
  9. Device information
    • Viewing Regulatory and Compliance Information
    • Specifications
    • Charging the Device
  10. Device maintenance
    • Garmin Support Centre
    • Map and Software Updates
    • Updating Maps and Software with Garmin Express
    • Device Care
    • Cleaning the outer casing
    • Cleaning the Touchscreen
    • Avoiding theft
    • Restarting the Device
    • Removing the Device, Mount and Suction Cup
    • Removing the Device from the Mount
    • Removing the Mount from the Suction Cup
    • Removing the Suction Cup from the Windscreen
    • Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable
  11. Troubleshooting
    • The suction cup will not stay on my windscreen
    • My device is not acquiring satellite signals
    • The device does not charge in my vehicle
    • My battery does not stay charged for very long 
  12. Appendix 
    • Installing a memory card for maps and data
    • Data management
    • About Memory Cards
    • Connecting the Device to Your Computer
    • Transferring data from your computer
    • Disconnecting the USB cable
    • Viewing GPS signal status
    • Purchasing additional maps
    • Purchasing accessories 

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