About Garmin Striker Cast Owners Manuals PDF

View or Download Garmin Striker Cast user manual, owner's manual, setup guide in printable PDF document. In this manuals, you can find information about the device, how to use, and its configuration. Castable Sonar with GPS connect with mobile device, locate and Display Fish on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Garmin Striker Cast Owners Manuals PDF Table of Content

  1. Getting started
    • How to charging the device
      • Automatic on and off
    • Connecting a mobile device
    • Attaching a fishing line or tether
  2. Fishing with the Striker Cast device
    • Sonar screen
      • how to adjusting the level of detail
      • adjusting the range of the depth scale
      • sonar setting
      • turning on the flasher
      • flasher view
    • Status icons
  3. Chart
    • Locating the striker cast device using the chart
    • Marking a waypoint on the chart
  4. Garmin Quickdraw contours mapping
    • Mapping a body of water using the garmin quickdraw contours feature
    • Garmin quickdraw community
      • downloading Garmin quickdraw community maps
      • Sharing your Garmin quickdraw contours maps with the Garmin quickdraw community
  5. Device Information
    • Specifications
    • Status LED
    • How to cleaning the device
    • Long-term storage
    • Updating the Striker Cast device software
  6. Index

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