View and download Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish finder owner manual, user guide and user manual in PDF files without registration. This manual describes about device overview, how to use the device, features, configuration, and troubleshooting guide for Garmin Striker 4.

About Garmin STRIKER™ Vivid 4cv Owner's Manual

View or Download Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish finder user manual, owner's manual, setup guide in printable PDF document. In this manuals, you can find information about the device, how to use, and its configuration. Choose your display hue, location, and sonar for your day on the water with the Garmin Striker 4 GPS fishfinder with transducer to see fish and structure in maximum detail.

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder Owner's manual Table of Content

The content of this manual :

  1. Introduction
    • Device overview
    • Contacting Garmin product support
    • How to zooming on the Striker 4
    • How to panning on the Striker 4
    • How to adjusting the Backlight
    • How to adjusting the color mode
    • setting the beeper
    • GPS satellite signal acquisition
  2. Home Screen
    • Customizing the Home Screen
      • adding a new layout to the home screen of the striker 5 or 7
      • adding a custom layout to the home screen of the striker 4
    • Adding the numbers screen
    • Adding the Data graphs screen
  3. Sonar
    • Full screen sonar
    • DownVu Sonar view
    • SideVu sonar view
    • Split-screen frequency
    • Flasher
    • Split-zoom view
    • Selecting the transducer type
    • Creating a waypoint on the sonar screen using your preset location
    • Pausing the Sonar
    • Creating a waypoint on the sonar screen using a different location
    • Overlay number settings
    • Sonar gain and noise setting
      • Setting the gain manually
      • Setting the gain automatically
      • Hiding surface noise
      • Setting teh Interference
    • Adjusting the range of the depth scale
    • Adjusting the zoom
      • Locking the screen to the water bottom
    • Setting the bottom search limit
    • Sonar frequencies
      • Selecting frequencies
      • Creating a frequency preset
    • Setting the scroll speed
    • Showing and adjusting the depth line
    • Configuring the appearance of suspended targets
    • Turning on the A-Scope
  4. Waypoints
    • How to marking your present location a a waypoint?
    • Creating a waypoint at a different location
    • editing a saved waypoint
    • Marking and navigating to a man overboard location
    • Navigating to a waypoint
    • Measuring distance on the waypoint map
    • Deleting a waypoint or an MOB
    • Deleting all waypoint
  5. Routes
    • How to creating and navigating a route using the waypoint map
    • Editing a saved route
    • Viewing a list of routes
    • Browsing for and navigating a saved route
    • Deleting a saved route
    • Deleting all saved routes
  6. Track
    • How to setting the color of the track
    • Clearing the track
    • Managing the track log memory during recording
    • Configuring the recording interval of the track log
    • Deleting all saved waypoints, routes, and tracks
  7. Device configuration
    • System settings
    • Waypoint map settings
    • Sonar alarms
    • System alarms
    • Navigation alarms
    • Navigation settings
    • My vessel settings
    • Unit settings
    • Setting the water temperature offset
    • Setting the keel offset
    • Restoring the factory default setting
  8. Troubleshooting
    • How to fix my device does not turn on
    • How to fix my sonar does not work

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