About Epson ET-2720 Manual

This user manual describes to you about the printer basics, wifi networking, how to using printer, how to adjust print quality, how to refilling ink, how to scanning, how to solving problems and technical specifications of Epson ET-2720 printer. 

Table of Content Epson ET-2720 user manual

  1. Product Basics
    • How to suing the control panel
    • Printer parts locations
    • How to using power saving settings
    • Epson connect solution for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices
    • voice-activated printing
    • How to using AirPrint
    • How to using google cloud print
    • How to using Mopria print service
    • Android printing using the Epson print Enabler
    • How to using fire OS printing
    • How to using Windows 10 Mobile printing
  2. Wi-Fi Networking
    • Network Security recommendations
    • Wi-Fi direct mode setup
    • Wi-Fi Protected setup(WPS)
    • How to Printing a network status sheet
    • How to printing a network connection report
    • How to changing or updating network connections
  3. Loading paper
  4. Placing originals on the product
  5. Copying
    • How to copying Documents or photos
    • Copying options
  6. Printing from a computer
    • Printing with windows
    • Printing with the built-in Epson Driver windows 10
    • Printing on a Mac
    • Printing from a Chromebook
    • Canceling printing using a printer button
  7. Scanning
    • How to Starting a scan
    • How to Scanning in Epson Scan 2
  8. How to Refilling ink
  9. Adjusting print Quality
    • Print Head maintenance
    • Print Head alignment
    • Cleaning the paper guide
    • Checking the number of sheets
  10. Cleaning and transporting the printer
  11. Solving problems
    • Printer status messages
    • Message appears prompting to reset ink levels
    • Running a printer check
    • How to resetting control panel default
    • How to fix printer does not turn on or turn off
    • How to fix noise after filling the ink
    • How to fix software installation problems
    • How to solve control panel setup problems
    • How to fix printer cannot conect to a wireless router or access point
    • How to fix network software cannot find product on a network
    • Printer does not appear in Mac printer window
    • Wireless connection is unstable on a Mac
    • Cannot print over a network
    • Cannot scan over a network
    • Printer make noise but nothing copies
    • Printer makes noise when it sits for a while
    • Paper feeding probles
    • Paper jams inside the printer
    • Paper ejection problems
    • How to fix nothing prints
    • Printer icon does not appear in windows taskbar
    • Printing is slow
    • Inverted Image
    • Too Many Copies Print
    • Blank Pages Print
    • Incorrect Margins on Printout
    • Border Appears on Borderless Prints
    • Incorrect Characters Print
    • Incorrect Image Size or Position
    • Slanted Printout
    • Solving print quality problems
      • White or dark lines in printout
      • Blurry or Smeared Printout
      • Faint Printout or Printout Has Gaps
      • Grainy Printout
      • Incorrect Colors
    • Solving scanning problems
    • Solving scanned image quality problems
      • Image Consists of a Few Dots Only
      • Line of Dots Appears in All Scanned Images
      • Straight Lines in an Image Appear Crooked
      • Image is Distorted or Blurry
      • Image Colors are Patchy at the Edges
      • Image is Too Dark
      • Back of Original Image Appears in Scanned Image
      • Ripple Patterns Appear in an Image
      • Scanned Image Colors Do Not Match Original Colors
      • Scanned Image Edges are Cropped
      • Characters are Not Recognized During Conversion to Editable Text (OCR)
    • How to uninstall printer software
  12. Technical Specifications
  13. Notices

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