About Epson ET-2710/L3150 User Guide

In this user guide (user manuals) you will get explanation about important instruction of using the printer, part names and the function of the printer part, Control panel (button function, light and printer status), network settings, preparing the printer, how to printing, copying and scanning, refilling the ink, maintaining the printer, network service and software information, and solving problems.

Table of content Epson ET-2710/L3150 User Guide

About this manual

  • Introduction to the manuals
  • Using the manual to search for information
  • Marks and symbols
  • Descriptions used in this manual
  • Operating system references

Important instructions

  • Safety instructions
  • Printer Advisories and warnings
  • Protecting your personal information

Printer Basic

  • Part Names and functions
  • Control panel
    • Buttons and functions
    • Lights and printer status

Network Settings

  • Network connection types
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Wi-Fi direct (simple AP) Connection
  • Connecting to a computer
  • connecting to a mobile device
  • Wi-Fi settings from the printer
  • Checking the network connection status
  • Printing a network status sheet
  • Replacing or adding new wireless routers
  • Changing the connection methot to a computer
  • Restoring the network setting from the control panel

Preparing the printer

  • Loading papers
  • Placing originals on the scanner glass
    • Placing multiple photos for scanning at the same time
  • Saving power


  • Printing from the printer driver on Windows
  • Printing from the printer driver on Mac OS
  • Printing from mobile devices (smart devices)
  • Canceling the Ongoing job


  • Copying basics
  • Making Multiple Copies


  • Scanning from the control panel
  • Scanning from a computer
  • Scanning from mobile devices

Refilling ink

  • Checking the ink levels
  • Ink bottle codes
  • Ink bottle handling precautions
  • refilling the ink tanks

Maintaining the printer

  • Checking and cleaning the print head
  • Running power cleaning
  • Aligning the print head
  • Cleaning the paper path
  • Cleaning the scanner glass
  • Checking the total number of pages fed through the printer

Network Service and Software Information

  • Application for configuring printer operations (web config)
  • Application for scanning documents and images (Epson Scan 2)
  • Application for configuring scanning operations from control panel (Epson Event Manager)
  • Application for laying out photos (Epson Easy Photo Print)
  • Application for printing web pages (E-web print)(for windows only)
  • Application for scanning and transferring images (Easy photo scan)
  • Software update tools (Epson software updater)
  • Application for configuring multiple devices (Epson Net Config)
  • Installing the latest applications
  • Updating Applications
  • Uninstalling Applications
  • Printing using a Network Service

Solving Problems

  • Checking the printer status
    • Lights and printer status
    • Checking the printer status - Windows
    • Checking the printer status - Mac OS
  • Checking the software status
  • Removing jammed paper
  • Paper does not feed correctly
  • Power and control panel problems
  • Cannot print from a computer
  • When you cannot make network settings
  • Printout problems
    • Printout is scuffed or color is missing
    • Banding or unexpected colors appears
    • Colored Banding appears at intervals of 2.5 cm
    • Blurry prints, vertical banding, or misalignment
    • Print Quality is Poor
    • Paper is smeared or scuffed
    • Printed photos are sticky
    • Images or photos are printed in unexpected colors
    • Cannot print without margins
    • Edges of the image are cropped during borderless printing
    • The position, size or margins of the printout are incorrect
    • Printed Characters Are incorrect or Garbled
    • The printed image is inverted
    • Mosaic-like patterns in the prints
    • Uneven colors, smears, dots, or straight lines appear in the copied image
    • Moire (cross-hatch) patterns appear in the copied image
    • Banding appears on the copied image
    • an image of the reverse side of the original appears in the copied image
    • the printout problem could not be cleared
  • Printing is too slow
  • Printing or copying slows down dramatically during continuous operation
  • Cannot start scanning
  • Scanned image problems
  • Scanning is too slow
  • Scanning slows down dramatically during continuous scanning
  • Scanning stops when scanning to PDF/Multi-TIFF
  • Slight electric shock when touching the printer
  • Operation sounds are loud
  • Aplication is blocked by a firewall (for windows only)
  • Ink spilled

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