Amazon Fire TV Stick User Manual (User Guide)

Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide (user manual)

About Amazon Fire TV Stick User Manual (User Guide)

View or download Amazon Fire TV User Guide manual PDF for free without registration. This guide contain device information, how to use the device, basic settings, how to fix issues and setup guide.

Amazon Fire TV Stick User Manual (User Guide) Table of Content

  1. Amazon Fire TV Basics
    give you information about hardware basics, navigate device, main menu basics, setting basics, how to register or unregister your device,access & remove content, how to setup parental controls, and use your voice to search amazon fire TV
  2. Remote & Game Controller Basics
    How to pair a remote or game controller and what the compatible remotes for Amazon Fire TV Device
  3. Fire TV Remote App Basics
    • Download & pair the Fire TV remote app
    • Fire TV remote app basics
  4. Bluetooth & USB Basics
    • How to connect a bluetooth accesory
    • Attach USB storage
    • Compatible bluetooth accesories
    • about USB Storage
    • Remove USB Storage
    • Connect a USB Device
    • Use a keyboard or mouse with Amazon Fire TV
  5. Quick Fixes
    • How to fix device can't connect to Wi-Fi
    • Can't pair a remote or game controller
    • Video issues
    • Basic troubleshooting
    • Cant pair the Fire TV remote App
    • Cant connect a bluetooth accesories
  6. Setup Amazon Fire TV
    • Get started
    • Setup device hardware
    • Setup wireless or wired connection
    • Connect device to a public Wi-Fi network
  7. Amazon FreeTime
    • Setup
    • add or edit profile
    • Using profile
    • Subscribe or unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime unlimited
    • About privacy
  8. Watch movies & TV Shows
    • Buy or rent movies & TV Shows
    • Watch movies & TV Shows
    • Use an Amazon Fire TV device as a display mirroring destination
    • Use the device with a second screen device
    • Turn on or customize closed captions
    • View actor and scene information
  9. Play Game & Apps
    • Buy, download and uninstall games & apps
    • Play game and apps
    • Turn off in-App purchasing
    • About GameCircle
  10. Listen to music
    • View song lyrics
    • Listen to prime music
  11. Manage Phosos & Personal Videos
    • View photos & personal videos
    • Set screen savers
    • Add photos & personal videos to cloud drive
  12. Learn More
    • Use Amazon Fire TV in a different country
    • Sharing content on the device
    • Manage subscriptions for the device

Download Amazon Fire TV Stick User Manual (User Guide)

Title : Amazon Fire TV User Guide
Language : English
File format : PDF Document
Pages : 90 Pages
File Size : 1.4MB


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