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This document describes about safety and security, instrument cluster, operation of each component, how to driving, interior features, how to maintenance and care, fix the car problems, vehicle specification, and many other. You can download and find any information about your vehicle here.

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2021 Toyota Tacoma Owner's Manual PDF - 608 Pages Table of Content

  1. For Safety and Security
    • For safe use
    • For safe driving
    • Seat belts
    • SRS airbags
    • Front passenger occupant classification system
    • Safety information for children
    • Child restraint systems
    • Installing child restraints
    • Exhaust gas precautions
    • Safety connect
    • Engine immobilizer system
    • Alarm
  2. Instrument cluster
    • Warning lights and indicator
    • Gauges and meters
    • Multi-information display
    • Fuel consumption information
  3. Operation of each component
    • Key information
    • Opening, closing and locking the doors
    • Tailgate
    • Smart key system
    • Adjusting the seats
    • Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors
    • Opening, closing the windows and moon roof
  4. Driving
    • Before driving
    • Driving procedures
      • Engine (ignition) switch without a smart key system
      • Engine (ignition) switch with a smart key system
      • Automatic transmission
      • Manual transmission
      • Turn signal lever
      • Parking brake
    • Operating the lights and wipers
    • Refueling
    • Usig the driving support systems
      • Toyota safety sense P
      • PCS (Pre-Collision System)
      • LDA (Lane Departure Alert)
      • Dynamic radar cruise control
      • Cruise control
      • Intuitive parking assist
      • BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)
      • Four-wheel drive system
      • Auto LSD system
      • Rear differential lock system
      • Active traction control system
      • Multi-terrain select
      • Crawl control
      • Clucth start cancel switch
      • Driving assist systems
    • Driving tips
      • Winter driving tips
      • Off road precautions
  5. Interior features
    • Using the air conditioning system
      • Manual air conditioning system
      • Automatic air conditioning sytem
      • Seat heaters
    • Using the interior lights
    • Using the storage features
    • Other interior features
      • Sun visors
      • Vanity mirrors
      • Power outlet
      • USB charging ports
      • Wireless charger
      • Assist grips
      • Garage door opener
      • Compass
  6. Maintenance and care
    • Cleaning and protectiong the vehicle exterior and interior
    • Do-it-yourselfe maintenance
  7. When trouble arises
    • Essential information
    • Emergency flashers
    • Step to take in an emergency
      • If your vehicle needs to be towed
      • If you think something is wrong
      • Fuel pump shut off system
      • If a warning light turns on or a warning buzzer sounds
      • If a warning message is displayed
      • If you have a flat tire
      • If the engine will not start
      • If the electronic key does not operate properly
      • If the vehicle battery is discharged
      • if your vehicle overheats
      • If the vehicle becomes stuck
  8. Vehicle specifications
  9. For owners
  10. Gas station information

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