About 2020 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual PDF

2020-2021 Toyota Corolla Owners manual PDF download, you can read any information about 2020 Corolla in the user manuals document.

This document describes about vehicle status information, how to driving, the features, how to maintenance and care, fix the car problems, specification, and many other. You can download and find any information about your vehicle here.

2020 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual PDF Table of Content

Pictorial index

  1. For safety and security
    • For safe use
    • Child safety
    • Emergency assistance
    • Theft deterrent system
  2. Vehicle status information and indicators
    • Instrument cluster
  3. Before driving
    • Key information
    • How to opening, closing and locking the doors
    • How to Adjusting the seats
    • How to Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors
    • How to opening and closing the windows
  4. Driving
    • Before driving instruction
    • Driving procedures
    • How to operating the lights and wipers
    • Refueling prcedures
    • How to using the driving support systems
    • Driving tips and trick
  5. Entune audio system
    • Basic audio function
    • Basic information before operation
    • Connectivity settings
    • Other settings
    • How to using the audio/visual system
    • Radio operation
    • Media Operation
    • Audio/visual remote controls
    • Audio settings
    • Tips for operating the audio/visual system
    • Voice command system operation
    • Mobile assistant
    • Phone operation - hands-free system for cellular phones
    • Phone settings
    • What to do if there is a problem with hands-free system
    • Toyota Entune overview
    • Toyota Entune operation
    • Toyota Entune App suite connect settings
  6. Interior features
    • How to using the air conditioning system and defogger
    • How to Using the interior lights
    • Using the storage features
    • Other interior features
  7. Maintenance and care
    • Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior
    • Cleaning and protecting the vehicle interior
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Do it yourself maintenance
  8. Fix the trouble
    • Emergency flasher
      • if your vehicle has to be stopped in an emergency
      • if the vehicle is trapped in rising water
    • Steps to take in an emergency
      • if your vehicle needs to be towed
      • if you think something is wrong
      • fuel pump shut off system
      • if a warning light turns on or a warning buzzer sounds
      • if a warning message is displayed
      • if you have a flat tire (without spare tire)
      • if you have a flat tire (with a spare tire)
      • if engine does not start
      • if you lose your keys
      • if the electronic key does not operate properly
      • if the vehicle battery is discharged
      • if your vehicle overheats
      • if the vehicle become stuck
  9. Vehicle specifications
    • Specifications
    • Customization features
    • Initialization
  10. For owners
    • Reporting safety defects for U.S. owners
    • Seat belt instructions for Canadian owners (in French)
    • SRS airbag instructions for Canadian owners (in French)
  11. Index
    • What to do if... (Troubleshooting)
  12. Gas station information

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