Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer User Manual Summary Content

This Canon TR4520 printer user manual is divided into 12 sections: using the online manual, basic operation, network, handling paper, originals, fine cartridge, overview, information about paper, printing, scanning, copying, faxing, frequently asked questions, and error list.

User manual content

Okay, let's go over each part one by one.

Using the online manual

This section describes symbols used in the manual, touch-enabled device users for Windows, and trademarks and licenses.

Basic Operation

Guidance for printing photos from a computer, smartphone or tablet, copying and faxing


network constraints and network connection advice, including

  1. default network settings,
  2. detect the same printer name.
  3. LAN, connects to another computer with LAN,
  4. Changing from USB to a LAN connection,
  5. printing network configurations and,
  6. Wi-Fi connection reconfiguration procedures

This section also contains a guide to setting up a network using the IJ Network device setup utility for Windows, including:

  1. Starting up the IJ network device setup utility
  2. Diagnosing and repairing network settings
  3. Performing or changing network configurations
  4. List of models which don't support diagnosis and repair functions

Handling Paper, Originals, FINE Cartridges, etc.

This guide will tell you about loading paper and loading originals: where to load originals, loading originals on platen, loading documents in the ADF, loading based on use and supported originals.

This section also explains how to replace FINE ink cartridges, check ink status on the LCD, and get ink tips.

If your print result is faint or uneven, you can find the maintenance procedure, printing the nozzle check pattern, examining the nozzle check pattern, cleaning the print head, deep print head cleaning, and aligning the print head also in this section.

If you want to clean your printer, you can follow the instructions to clean paper feed rollers and clean inside the printer on sub-sections Cleaning.


This section describes safety, handling precautions, main components and functions, including LCD and operation panel, power supply, and how to enter numbers, letters, and symbols.

Changing printer settings from a Windows computer and from the operation panel such as fax settings, print, LAN, other dev settings, language selection, firmware update, reset setting, feed settings, web service setup, ECO settings, quiet setting, system information can be found in this section too. Printer specifications are also provided in this section.

Information about paper

Supported media types, paper load limit, unsupported media types, and handling paper are explained in this section.


It explains how to print from a computer with software, basic printing setup, various printing methods, setting a page size and orientation, setting the number of copies and printing order, executing borderless printing, and scaled printing. Page layout printing, tilling/poster printing, duplex printing, setting up envelope printing, and printing on postcards.

The explanation of the printer driver is also provided in this section, including

  1. Checking the ink status from your computer
  2. Instructions for using the printer driver
  3. Printer driver description
  4. Quick setup tab description
  5. Main tab description
  6. Description of the Page Setup Tab
  7. Maintenance tab description
  8. Canon IJ Satus monitor specifications
  9. Installing the MP drivers
  10. Printing using Canon application software
  11. Printing using a web service

Printing from a smartphone or tablet, printing or scanning with wireless direct, and paper settings are also explained in this section.


This section is about how to make copies and set items for copying.


If you want to scan from a Windows computer, you can follow the guide in this section. This section explains scanning according to item type or purpose, scanning to PDF documents and photos. You will find scanning tips, network scan settings, and scanning with smartphones or tablets too.


This section is divided into 6 parts, including: faxing preparation, registering recipients, sending faxes using the control panel of the printer, sending faxes from a computer, receiving faxes, and other useful fax functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Network settings and common problems
  • Network communication problems
    • The printer cannot be found on the network.
      • During setup, the printer cannot be found on the check printer settings screen (Windows).
        • Checking the status of power
        • Checking the PC network connection
        • Checking the printer's Wi-Fi settings
        • Checking the Wi-Fi environment
        • Checking the printer's IP Address
        • Checking security software settings
        • Checking wireless router settings
      • can't get past the printer connection screen
      • can not find the printer while using Wi-Fi.
    • Network Connection Problems
      • The printer suddenly stopped working for some reason.
      • Unknown network key (password).
      • The printer cannot be used after replacing the wireless router or changing router settings.
    • Other network problems
      • Checking network information
      • Restoring to factory defaults
  • Problems while printing/scanning from a smartphone or tablet
  • Printing problems
    • The printer does not print
    • Ink does not come out.
    • Paper does not feed properly/no paper error
    • Printout results are not good enough.
      • printouts are blank, blurry, or fuzzy, inaccurate, or bleeding color, streaks, or lines.
      • The colors are hazy.
      • lines are misaligned or distorted.
      • The paper has been smudged or the printed surface has been scratched.
      • next to the image, a vertical line 
  • Scanning problems (Windows)
    • Scanner does not work
    • Scangear does not start
  • Faxing problems
    • I am unable to send a fax.
    • Errors often occur when sending a fax.
    • cannot receive faxes and cannot print faxes
    • cannot dial
    • The telephone disconnects during a call.
    • received fax of poor quality 
  • Mechanical problems
    • My printer does not turn on.
    • The printer turns off unexpectedly or repeatedly.
    • USB connection problems
    • It can't connect to the printer via USB.
    • The wrong language appears in LCD.
  • Installation and download problems
  • Errors and messages

List of Support code for Error

In this section you can find a list of support codes for errors and their solutions.

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