User Manual Overview

This Canon Pixma G1200 megatank printer user manual under Canon brands and printer categories. Describes about printer specification, guide, how to refilling ink, hwo to operate the printer, instruction, how to troubleshooting common error, routine maintenance, installation guide, configuration guide, setup guide, how to print, list support code error and how to read messages . 

User Manuals Table of Content

  1. Using this user manual
  2. Trademarks and licenses
  3. Search tips
  4. Using the printer
  5. Printer functions
  6. Handling paper, ink tanks
    Loading paper, refilling ink tanks and checking ink status
  7. Maintenance
    • If printing is faint or uneven
    • Performing maintenance functions from your computer (Windows)
    • Cleaning
  8. Overview
    • Safety
    • Main components and its functions
    • Changing settings
    • Ensuring optimal printing results
    • Legal restrictions on printing
    • Specifications
  9. Information about paper
    • Media types you can use
    • Media types you cannot use
    • Printing area
  10. Administrator password
  11. Authentication
  12. Where serial number is located
  13. List of function for each model
  14. Printing
    • Printing from computer
  15. Troubleshooting
    • Printing problems
    • Mechanical problems
    • Installation and driver problems
    • Error and messages appears
    • If you cannot solve a problem
    • Repairing your printer
  16. List of support code for error

User Manuals File Overview

Brand: Canon
Model: G1200
Category: Printer
Language: English
Pages: 383 Pages
File size: 5.7 MB